And… we’re done! 🥳

For a very small, unique campaign with extremely limited stock, we raised an impressive 80.8 k€ with 1313 backers!

Thanks to YOUR amazing contributions, ICE and This Way are clearly moving forward! 🙏🏻😊


ALL backers:

For any backer who got any reward from this campaign, expect the Pledge Manager to be open within 15 days! Remember, while ICE games and Artbooks will ship sooner (see below), all new items (The ICE Companion Set, Posters, Postcards, Coasters) will ship much later. We gave a Q1 ’24 shipping estimate on the campaign, but if we can get a quick turnaround with the Gamefound pledge manager that could potentially be even earlier (end of this year) — so get those PMs filled out quick!

For anyone who got a Hero reward, we will be collecting the names you’d like for us to spotlight on our our website during this pledge manager process, and the Hero page will then be up shortly after the PM eventually closes. 

Original ICE Kickstarter backers:

Whether or not you got a reward from this campaign or not, funds for this campaign are expected to be sent to us in the next few days, and then immediately the first wave of ICE shipments will be on their way: 

U.S.: Processing at the hubs is being completed, and shipping will commence next week! Backers will be sent address confirmation emails which they’ll need to confirm (or correct) right away. We’re still on track for the majority of backers here getting games in first half of July.

Asia, Australia: Fulfillment begins next week! 

Canada: The games are on their way by land, fulfillment is estimated to start in the first half of July.

Europe: The vessel containing boxes headed to Europe is set to arrive on the 27th, with fulfillment to start within a couple of weeks after that. Most games for EU are expected to arrive  to backers in the latter half of July.

U.K.: We responded in Update #44 and replied in the comments on the campaign, but for those that may have missed it we’ll repeat it again here: Unfortunately we’ve learned that the process of importing the games to the UK is going to take a LOT of time to resolve – so much so, that the likelihood of games arriving to UK backers before August no longer seems likely. 😞 We are sorry for this situation, and feel extremely frustrated that you’ll be getting your games a bit later than others. We will continue to keep you updated on the situation whenever we learn more. 🙏🏼

Rest of World: Most packages for other countries not listed above will be sent via VFI, the company handling Asia/Australia. While they will ship immediately upon funds being received, the travel time will take a bit longer depending on the final destination. 

NEW backers:

After the Pledge Manager opens, we will have it open for 6 weeks, and it’s extremely important that any backers who pledged for a reward containing an ICE box fill this out as soon as possible. That’s because the ICE boxes will be available right away, and we want to send those out as soon as possible. The process is much easier and prone to less errors if we can send the fulfillment companies the biggest batch of orders all at once — which means we need everyone who got one of the limited ICE boxes to complete the PM right away. 

Of course there will surely be backers who forget to do this quickly, but we won’t wait for everyone to begin shipping — we will try and get as many orders as possible sent out by late July, so that most new backers can get their ICE games by August (or September at the latest).


We’ve got TWO much-requested videos that we know you’ve been waiting to see!
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The first, is an unboxing video! Samson reveals the first time we received the Mass Production Copy of the ICE Collector box from Panda Game Manufacturing. Take a look here (about 13 and a half minutes in total):

The second is a video for those curious about the setup time. In the original Kickstarter campaign, there was a lot of concern about whether the game would be “too long” to set up. Well this video has Samson setting up all the tiles all by himself, in real time, in about 3 and a half minutes. That’s less time than many many popular games need for setup! We also recommend that ALL players playing the game help with setup, which means a 4-player game could easily be all set up in less than a couple of minutes. Take a look:

And that’s not all! Anton is working on getting two more videos up soon, before backers start receiving their games: A “How-to-Play” video, and a “Tips & Strategies” video. We’ll let you all know when they’re up and ready to be viewed!


This campaign was all about setting up This Way’s long and healthy future as a company, and we’ve got so many plans — all of which will now be possible, thanks to all of YOU! 🙏🏻

And we will never forget that! All backers from the original campaign and this one will have special perks for our campaigns going forward. 

So what’s next? We have our next game, FOUNDERS, coming to Kickstarter early September! 

A strategic and innovative game of tile placement where each player is in a hidden alliance with 2 other players they don’t know. FOUNDERS will also have a Legacy expansion, a 5-player Big Board expansion, and a big box solution for those getting all of it! (Not to mention a deluxe component version!). 

We will be revealing a lot more information in the coming months, but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter HERE for the most up-to-date information.

And of course, for anyone who missed out on ICE this time around, or just can’t wait for the next expansion, ICE will return in Q2 2024!

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DISCORD (we’ll be conducting playtests for FOUNDERS here, so be on the lookout!)

Once again, we can’t thank you all enough for your continued support! 🙏🏻 

Please continue the conversation with us in the comments here, or any of the socials above — we love communicating with you all!

– Team This Way!