Designers and publishers of board games, by two brothers formed in a family of game enthusiasts.

We are developing a rich and immersive universe.

Our core values are special attention to high quality, innovation, and ethics.

Our first game, I C E, was Kickstarted in 2021 and arrives to backers in ’22. With its unique design (a five-layer board that players “dig” through) and breathtaking artwork, it captured the attention of game enthusiasts  turning it into a successful 1st-time campaign!

More games and expansions are coming from This Way, so please stay tuned!

Obliteration Artifact, Variant 3





Rocked by board games within a ludophile family, brothers Hugo and Samson frantically explored the world of “kubenbois” (wood tokens) as soon as they were old enough to read. Hugo went on to study game design and create independent video games under the name of “Bragou.”

After a PhD in Cognitive Sciences, Samson explored the entrepreneurial world, before teaching Circus Arts to young and old.

January 1, 2019 marked the beginning of an adventure on co-creating a eurogame: I C E, set in a glacial world where players take on the role of archaeologists exploring a multi-dimensional plateau.



(Illustrator & Art Director)


During his last year of master illustration school in Paris, Léonard Dupond was spotted by Éditions du Seuil Jeunesse, for whom he illustrated his first two books.

Since then, Léonard has illustrated for book editions, advertising and magazines. His favourite subjects are science, travel, space, history and storytelling. He has done work for: Apple, Science Magazine, Arianespace, Wired, HATVP, Buzzfeed, BETC, Publicis, Die Ziet, BMW, Usbek and Rica, Arte.


(Graphic Designer)


Alexis is a Graphic Designer from Belgium who has been working in the boardgame space since 2009.

Some games he’s been involved in for graphics and/or art direction include:
7 Wonders, 7 Wonders: Duel, Just One, Concept, Pirates Under Fire, Cash ‘n Guns, City of Horror, Secrets, When I Dream, and Mascarade.


(Head of Communications)


Anton has worn many hats in various careers: Editor & Marketing Writer (DC Comics), Comics Retailer, Mobile Photographer, and most recently Web Designer. For This Way, Anton oversees the community & website, as well as taking part in Kickstarter campaigns, conventions, rulebooks, playtesting and more.

A self-confessed chai addict and board game junkie, Anton (a former NYCer) now lives in Barcelona with his photographer husband Sion Fullana (who happened to take this photo).


(Video Director)


Noémi is a French animation director and illustrator based in the South of France.

She studied in EMCA animation school in Angoulême and specialized in 2D background design. She writes and directs shorts films for youth and adult audiences, broadcast on French TV.

As an illustrator and color lover, she likes to paint joyful and poetic pictures in gouache. Women bodies, nature and warm atmospheres are her favorite subjects.