Adventures in Boardgame Creation


Adventures in Boardgame Creation

Explorers of icy lands — ❄️

We promised you some exciting Reveals for our upcoming I·C·E Unlimited campaign launching on Gamefound (May 7th), and here we are! Big news that we’ve managed to keep secret until now…

Harry Conway (Veiled Fate, Nidavellir, Magic: The Gathering) joins the team to illustrate a part of the Relics of I·C·E expansion! 🥰

Harry has built a fantastic artistic career based on his love of visual storytelling, mostly within the genres of fantasy and adventure. His work encompasses various fields of illustration, including character design, posters, trading card games, board games and book illustration. The stark shapes and gritty textures of his art create schematic yet striking imagery, exploring themes of courage, morality and identity.

Here you can see some of the sublime artworks of Harry that he’s done for t he Relics of I·C·E, starting with Azuli:

Azuli is at the origin of the most advanced Artifacts designed by the Nuukas. Her knowledge has been gradually lost over the generations, but her aura has continued to grow and she has attained the rank of Saint. In a way, she represents the prefection of Nuukas architecture and design. Some of the Achievement Artifacts can be seen gravitating around her…

Here also is the Relic of Edaj:

Edaj was a minor divinity… until she replaced the major divinity of the sun. She looks like a snowy owl, depositing snow on the world. She brings the cold and controls storms. When she captures something with her talons, she freezes it. She has a deep connection with Exalted Artifacts.

So with Relics of I·C·E, you’ll have not 1 but 2 illustrators for this expansion. The relics are unique objects within the world of I·C·E, so it made sense for us to use a different artist with a different style for these.

And since Harry and our original artist Léonard Dupond are such huge fans of each other’s work, they’ve become a Dream artistic team for this project! Harry will concentrate on the new relic tiles and the expansion cover, while Léonard will continue his magic and illustrate the 2 new Guilds. ✨


Three and a half years ago, when we were preparing our first campaign, we came across a playful UFO: Veiled Fate, by publisher IV Studio. We were particularly impressed by the magical illustrations of the demigods at the heart of the game.

It was then that we discovered Harry’s talent, which we’ve been following ever since. 

Here are a few of his masterpieces in Veiled Fate and in the Tribunal expansion currently undergoing crowdfunding.

Harry is also the illustrator of a number of Magic the Gathering cards, which for us is an essential reference and also the game my 2 brothers and I have played the most.

Here is an illustration for the card “Wilds of Eldraine”:


Relic tiles are a brand new type of diamond-shaped tile that will replace certain artifact tiles on the game board.

Their gameplay will involve successfully assembling them together

Here you have the 3 relic tiles that make up the amazing Relic of Tiuni:

Tiunī is the deity of rock, incarnated as a stone golem. For the inhabitants of I·C·E, he is closely associated with the Nunataks, true oases of life in the heart of the frozen desert. He is frequently depicted in the company of a white ermine, representing the wildlife that inhabits the Nunataks.


We ran a poll on our Gamefound Campaign regarding the name we would give to the Ancients in the I·C·E universe, and it has returned its verdict:

In the end, the name “Nuukas” came out on top, and the I·C·E board now corresponds to the Valley of the Nuukas.

Another clarification: the city of the Ancients / Nuukas at the bottom of the game board is now called Azulia.

Here is Leonard’s magnificent illustration for Azulia: