Impossible polyhedron – Polyèdre impossible (Edifice)

Explorers of Icy Lands,

The City Council has met again and the 5 wise men have decided to follow the recommendations of the Icewalkers Guild. The emphasis will be placed on the resistance of materials and the safety of explorers. The Guild of the Enlightened is also working to study and anticipate the excavations of the next expedition.

November 4th

☉ The Council met yesterday, surprisingly they opted for deep transformations and innovations for the next expedition. In particular the magnetic moorings will allow us to go deeper under the ice. I felt during the last day in the Valley that the Edifice we had touched was perhaps not the only one… I also have to progress in my immersions in the ice, my visions can still gain in clarity!

Ofee (Enlightened ☉)

Enlightened Guild board

Today we have several big announcements to make… Sit back and relax!

We have taken into account the community’s request to be more present on the various networks and to be able to keep you informed of the latest news and evolutions of I C E regularly. As Hugo and myself are in charge of the Game Design and Edition part, we clearly needed reinforcements, so…

  • The This Way! team is growing! 🤗

Anton Kawasaki, who was in charge of the new website creation, joins the team as Head of Communicationsto manage publications and announcements on the different platforms. Coming soon on Instagram will be the new illustrations of Léonard, on I C E Community the news of the Team, the game elements and the festivals, and on our Discord Community the aspects of Game Design, as well as the feedback on the playtests. 🥳

Anton, a native New Yorker who now lives in Barcelona, previously worked at DC Comics as an Editor and Marketing Writer, and his experience will be invaluable for the upcoming Kickstarter campaigns. He will also be present with us on the upcoming Festivals and Conventions. 🙏

  • We have a few bits of exciting news: our fully new website is online today! Please go have a look and tell us what you think:

🚀 ✨

  • We can also give you a tease about our next KS campaign in the beginning of summer 2022: it will be a stand-alone game set in the universe of I C E, centered on the Guilds and the Council of the City… 
  • We noticed that the connecting parts of the main boards in the Explorer edition box were too fragile and risked wearing out too fast: a risk of bending and therefore of tearing too much. Given the small quantity of Explorer pledges, we asked Panda Games to consider the exclusive production of magnetic boards for both versions of the game… Core and Collector!
  • We know what you’re thinking, Artifacts and Edifice backers: “Wait, what about us??” Fear not! We decided to upgrade the collector version by offering those backers exclusive metal version of the 5 planning token of the game! These will feel so good in your hand, that you might find yourself choosing to take them as an action, just to hold them! 🪙

Beyond the financial overhead of these two elements for This Way!, these modifications to the core and collector versions seemed essential for the game. We hope that this choice will make sense for you too…

Ps1: A short video of the magnetic White Sample we received from Panda Games. 🧲

Ps2: The rulebook is in the hands of our graphics expert, as soon as it is ready we will put it online, I promise!