The first Mini-Expansion for I C E!

The ICE Companion Set mini-expansion (two 16-card booster packs + one new Edifice tile) really makes an impactful change to the game. Get it in the “ICE Limited: This Way to the Future” Campaign on Gamefound!


A 16-card booster pack featuring a new Card Type: Guild Favors!

These Guild Favors comprise only 7 of the full 32 cards in this Companion Set, and yet… what a difference they make to games of ICE! Guild Favors contain new actions that can allow your character to move around better, get out of sticky situations, excavate quicker, or accomplish an objective much faster.

A preview of some Guild Favors.

There are two ways to use these Cards:

“First Steps” (which is our beginner game suggestions for when playing with new elements for the first time): Players simply choose a new Guild Favor card each new Day (round), and can play their chosen card during their turn to get an extra free action.
Regular game: Players begin the game with 2 extra Renown points, in addition to their character’s Starting Renown. Every Day, all Guild Favor cards are displayed on the table. During players turns, they can place a Renown Point token on any Guild Favor to activate that action. If there are already Renown Points on the cards, they must also pay that additional Renown. (All Renown on cards at the end of the Day go back to the reserve).

What does this mean for the gameplay of ICE?
Well now every Day in regular games, there are 7 new possible actions you can perform. Other than needing the Renown to pay for the actions, there’s no other limit to how many of these actions you can take in a Day or turn. A whole new deep strategy of gaming comes into play, as you balance the Renown that you have, with how much further in the game that Renown might take you if you use it for these new actions.

Just these 7 new cards alone really super-powers ICE and offers so many more possibilities! And a new Logbook (event) card we’ve added for this pack will allow you to use these Guild Favors more easily for that Day. The Guild Favor Booster Pack is rounded out with the 5 new Request Cards and 1 new Decree scoring card.

Mystical Rock

But there is so much more to what the Companion Set has to offer!

A new Edifice tile (the “Mystical Rock” — featuring an alternate version of an image you’re all familiar with), has a fun new variant that we’ve already been using during convention demo games. You’ll have to discover it in the game to know its secrets, though! 😉


A preview of some Edifice cards. Pixellated because… no spoilers here!

Finally, the Edifice Booster Pack features an additional 16 cards, including the now-13 discoverable Edifices in ICE, and makes the soft-legacy part of using Edifices a lot more enjoyable and manageable. (And of course the cards show off the lovely art of Léonard Dupond in a new way). There are many useful ways to use them:

— As a displayed reminder of which Edifices are currently in effect in your current games, since the Edifice tiles go back on the bottom layer each time. There will also be a “Discovered Edifices” separator card, which you can use to know which Edifices you’ve discovered.
— A way to randomly choose which discovered Edifices you may want to play with (if you’ve discovered several, but only want to use 1 or 2).
— If you happen to excavate an Edifice you’ve already discovered, now you can decide to randomly choose one of your undiscovered Edifices to be in play for your next game instead, so that you have something new for next time.
— A new Logbook (event) card in the Edifice booster pack will trigger a new Edifice effect in your game (randomly chosen), in addition to any that may already be in play!

We may even have further uses of these Edifice cards in later expansions. Make sure to get the ICE Companion Set today!