Explosive Rune

Explorers of Icy Lands,

The tumult of the City is less powerful but the air remains electric with the arrival of the great cold. The Incandescent Guild has been studying the prismatic artifact brought back from the previous expedition.

December 4th

City in heavy turmoil/winter preparation High cold density.

Prismatic artifact connection established Integration operation/internal rules operated.

Focus artifact affinity Possibility link Valley buildings Need Expedition for confirmation.

Denso (Incandescent )

The month of December is always an important moment: that of a page turning on the year, that of gifts for those who celebrate the Winter Holidays, and especially… that of the production which is approaching for Kickstarter creators like us! 綽

  • On the gift side, we have a little something that will be slipped as a bonus in the Collector version of the game: a 0.46 mm pick (yes like the ones used for a guitar!) that will allow players to easily remove the first tile of each level from the board. This is our Rock-and-Roll side! (Please note this is not needed to play the game, but we know many of you were asking for a little extra help for the first tiles of each level!)
Elements of the game set up
  • Another upcoming gift for you (that should arrive before most of the gift-giving holidays): It’s FINALLY here, and readable… The rules! Or rather The Shipping Booklet containing the rules of I C E ! This is a nearly final version, so please be patient for the few remaining tiles that may be missing but it will allow you to play the game on TTS. Stay tuned to our various social media channels for an announcement in the next week or two as to when these rules will be available!

(And yes, the lack of clear English rules for the start of the campaign was definitely a teaching tool and during our next campaign we promise the rulebook will complete and available from Day 1)! 

  • For production we are in the starting blocks! We will soon receive a new version of the magnetic board and we also have to integrate the retail distribution in the equation. Indeed, the production costs allowed by the addition of a retail version makes overall costs much more bearable for This Way!

What is certain is that the 2 Kickstarter versions will have a quality-price ratio defying all competition!

The 5 levels of tiles in exploded perspective

And because the team has grown with the arrival of Anton, I invite you to have a look at the latest news on the site with the “This Way! Explored” (interview in 2 parts): 

Part 1 

Part 2

I also invite you to discover our favorite section on Instagram with each month a game or a Kickstarter campaign highlighted!

Finally, last minute news: We are proud to see that the TTS version of I C E was ranked #2 on Tabletop Simulators blog post of 10 Holiday Board Games on TTS (due to its icy theme, of course! 儭儭):

10 Holiday Board Games On Tabletop Simulator!

Don’t hesitate to go and play on the TTS version it has been updated with new (and improved) abilities for some of the Guilds, and we will also integrate the final rulebook when its ready!

Ps: We are now turning our attention to the graphic design of the Edifices booklet and the KS sheet (which explains the additions of the Collector components) that will be added to the game…