an Edifice to discover…


In the heart of Winter the Guilds now take the time to work in depth on their internal organization and future perspectives… 

February 4th

⟴ Searching through the oldest Guild Archives, I was able to find passages mentioning the Expedition led by Johaan the Icewalker… The first one leading to the Valley of the Ancients! It seems hard to imagine an era where the rules of the game were clearly not the same! We had few artifacts at our disposal and we obviously did not know the full depth and vastness of the Valley. I am also intrigued by the types of ice sailing ships designed at the time… The sketches in the manuscripts are impressive!

Captain Hayes (Navigator ⟴)

Although we mentioned that it was being finalized already 2 updates ago 🙈, the English Expedition booklet (rules) is FINALLY ready! 🥳

The work is worth the detour, confers the work of Alexis Vanmeerbeeck: Expedition booklet ✨

For our next game, we’ll make sure to focus on the English booklet first and make sure it’s perfectly finalized, then do all the other translations after that. We will also do this earlier in the process, so that all languages are available simultaneously, and a first version is ready for the launch of any campaign. Lesson learned! 🤓

A few things to note about the booklet:

  • Important: This is the retail version of the rulebook, so it does not reference the Kickstarter-only components (for example, you will only see 5 Guilds mentioned, but your pledge will contain 7). Don’t worry if you don’t see some components referenced in the Kickstarter that aren’t here. ALL versions of the game will contain this rulebook in detail, and the KS versions will also have an additional sheet noting all the additional components and rules from the Kickstarter.
  • We will soon be adding the new rulebook (along with an updated set of components) to the Tabletop Simulator version of the game. Our priority was to get all the graphics ready for the rulebook and soon for production, but of course we’ll be making changes for TTS as well – and we’ll let you know when that’s ready in our various channels.
  • Thanks again for your endless patience! 🙏

We will also be present at the Cannes International Games Festival, at booth 339 of the Hall Tous Publics… And we will be happy to welcome you there with Hugo and myself (Samson), Anton Kawasaki and Léonard Dupond. 

We will have game tables of I C E to play, as well as posters to sign by our ice genius! By the way, I invite you to listen to the first part of Léonard’s interview with Anton: Interview 🎙&📝

I C E poster