Entering the Mythology of I C E …


With the festivities over, the City seems to evolve through a suspended time… where each Guild incorporates the changes inherent in the new perspectives offered by the precious artifacts brought back from the Valley of the Ancients.


✵ Integration energy component ⌁ Prismatic artifact

✵ Global connection ⌁ Council of Incandescent masters.

✵ Repercussion design ⌁ Elemental production ⌁ Flow structuring

Silene (Incandescent ✵)

In this monthly update of June, we are talking about Production, our last Giveaway, and we are also addressing some new content regarding the Name of our next Game / Campaign! Have a good read and feel free to post any question in the comments section. 😉


We are currently in the phase of I C E’s development that nearly every Kickstarter game goes through at some point, and that’s the “Not Much News to Report” phase, where we wait for word from our manufacturer and continue to finalize files for them as needed. It’s obviously not the most exciting part of the process, but… we are 100% committed to sending out these monthly KS updates no matter what, whether we have good news, bad news, or no news — and we will happily take no news over bad news any day! 🤪


In the meantime, since the last Update, we launched a successful Giveaway across all of our social media platforms where we gave away 3 Artefact pledges of I C E! Congrats to our winners: 🥳

INSTAGRAM: @punto_de_respawn


 I C E COMMUNITY (FACEBOOK): Hortense Perrier

While we won’t be giving away any more I C E pledges (for now), we do have a couple of fun contests we plan to do in the upcoming months, so make sure to follow us and stay tuned!

One of the requirements to enter the Giveaway was to have you tell us which I C E guild you will want to play with the most. 313 people responded (among all networks), and we now have the final results:

Result of the community votes

We were were not surprised by the Alchemists and CryoArchitects taking 1st and 2nd place, or the Incandescents and Navigators tying for 3rd. We were shocked how few supporters of the Nourishers there were, though! Especially since they were a Kickstarter-exclusive added guild, voted by backers. The Nourishers are the hunters and feeders who feed the population of The City — maybe not the most glamorous Guild, but once players learn how powerful they can be, they may change their mind about them. 😉

Nourisher’s Guild Board


We also asked our backers last month for suggestions of a name for our next upcoming game (to be crowdfunded after I C E is delivered), and we received so many fantastic suggestions! Thank you!!

We’re not quite ready yet to pick our favorites just yet and share them with you, and here’s why:

We are still tweaking the theme a bit. The game STILL takes places in the past, and is about building the famous City — but it’s now possible that players players would be referred by the CryoArchitect guild, who must work with the various other guilds in order to build the perfect City (while still competing with each other to earn the most respect from their own guild).

The majority of names for the game that were already suggested still apply, and would work great — but we wanted to relay this extra little bit of theme information just in case it somehow results in new name suggestions from you guys. What do you think? Any new awesome suggestion for us? Let us know in the comments! 🙏

Regarding the final decision for the name:

We still plan to do a poll and ask you all to choose a favorite, which may be BEFORE the next update (so keep an eye our for our social media channels for more news).

That’s all for now! Next month we’ll hopefully have more news on the production of I C E, and the final cover image and name of our next game.