AND…. YOU DID IT! 🥳🎉🎈🎊

We are officially funded!!! 


For those that backed any HERO rewards, you will be able to choose your two electable items, and give us the name you want displayed as a Hero on our website, later during the pledge manager phase of the campaign (to happen within a few weeks of this campaign ending).

I C E games will be officially heading to backers soon! 😎 (For all other items, see below)

For backers of the original Kickstarter campaign, please see Sunday’s KS update for the latest delivery info on games for your region (for the majority of backers, it should be July). 

For NEW backers that were lucky enough to snag one of the limited copies, your games will be heading out a little bit later (we expect August for most new backers). 

For people following this campaign who tried to get a copy of the game and weren’t able to… we are super sorry! 😔 We wish we could have had unlimited games for everyone, but it just wasn’t possible. 

But fear not, I C E returns with a NEW campaign in 2024, along with a new expansion! We look forward to seeing you again then! 😊


We’ve mentioned this on the campaign page, but we’d like to repeat it here to make sure no one misses this!

Delivery Schedule for non-I C E game box items: 

Artbook (digital): July

Artbook (hardcover): For newcomers, this should be August — in most cases, if you are getting both an ICE box and the Artbook, they should be shipped together. In some cases, we may need to relocalize the Artbook stock, therefore adding another possible 1-2 months to the process for the Artbook only. If you are also getting an ICE box, then that will ship fi rst. You will not be charged shipping again for the Artbook if it needs to be shipped later. 

Companion Set, Poster Set, Postcard Set, Coasters: We are putting March 2024 just to be absolutely safe and account for any possible mishaps that may occur (in our previous campaign, we made the major mistake of severely underestimating the delivery time. In order to not make that mistake again, we are padding the delivery considerably for this campaign). HOWEVER, due to the simple nature of producing these new elements, it’s highly possible that February or even January is more likely — and we’re doing our very best to get it done even sooner. (Though we are also allowing for at least one more month of playtesting for the new cards as well, to ensure they are indeed playing as awesomely as they have been so far in all edge cases). Again, if you get any of the above already-produced items as well, those will ship first, and then the newer items ship early next year.


While the most important part (funding to cover shipping) is done, we really want this campaign to go as far as it can possibly go in the next 8 days. The shipping issue was only the last major hurdle we needed to overcome, but all the unexpected delays over the last year have hurt us a bit, and we want to be in as strong a position as we possibly can for all of our upcoming campaigns going forward!

Yes, the copies of I C E are all gone, and we can’t attract more people with the game — but we’re hoping to still get more of the 3,937 original backers getting some Companion Sets, and for art lovers everywhere to get some of the amazing art-related items!! If you know anyone who would appreciate the beautiful posters, postcards or coasters we have available, please share the campaign with them!


Speaking of those art items… as we previously mentioned, we want to hear from YOU all about which posters and postcards you’d like to see in their corresponding sets. We have a default set of images chosen already for each, but that could change later depending on YOUR vote! 

We will have the polls ready, with a larger selection of images to choose from, in our next update coming later this week!


For those that have asked about adding more via some sort of “Tip Jar,” we can’t thank you enough for your support! 🙏🏻 You can actually do that right now, and don’t have to wait for the pledge manager. Go back to the campaign, scroll down to right below the last reward item where it says “Show Your Support” — from there you’ll be able to add any amount to your existing pledge, and it will show up as “Bonus Amount.”


Thanks so much again from the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you all enough! 

Keep chatting with us in the comments, as we love to hear from all of you! 😊

– Team This Way!