The day is almost here!

This “ICE Limited: This Way to the Future” campaign launches in just two days (June 6th at 6:00 PM UTC+2), and will last for only 8 days! 🚀

In case you don’t follow us on our This Way newsletter (and if not, you really should: subscribe here!), then you might have missed our This Way Campaign Schedule article, where we talked about some small changes to the campaign that you might be happy about…


In our last Gamefound Update, we explained our “Hero” pledges (a way for original and new backers to get a discounted bundle of items, and get their name as our hero on our website), and our reasons for doing so. Some of you mentioned that the extremely limited quantities of ICE might mean that in order to get a copy of the game, your only choice might be a “Hero” pledge — and that all of the fixed items within might not be to your liking. So that’s why we are introducing a little more flexibility into this pledge so that you have a bit more choice in what you receive.

Now the two Hero different pledges (one with ICE Collector Box – EN, and the other without) will contain only these two other fixed items:

— The ICE COMPANION SET (2 boosters backs of cards and a new Edifice tile). 

— The ICE ARTBOOK (hardcover + digital)

In addition, you will be able to choose any TWO items from this list:




— FOUNDERS SUPPORT PLEDGE (a $17 USD discount on the upcoming campaign for our 2nd game)

Additionally, while we’ve chosen images on campaign launch for the Poster and Postcard Sets, we will be making a poll during the campaign for backers to choose the final 3 poster and 5 postcard images that will make up these two sets! The images for the new item, ICE Coasters, are set — because they will feature all 7 Guild characters, which means you can use the one you’re playing with to place your drink on! 🥃 How cool is that??

After checking the prices below, you’ll see that the discount for the Hero pledges means a savings of 15-20€ or 9-16% (depending on which one), which is like getting one of your elected items for free!

We hope this little bit of choice will make the Hero pledges even more appealing. Remember, each Hero pledge (Original Backers and Newcomers) will be limited to only 150 units, so act fast!

And now we can show all reward items with their prices, available as individual pledges. With the exception of the limited quantity items, all of these will be available as add-ons as well.

— ICE ARTBOOK (Digital) – 5€

— ICE POSTER SET (3) – 15€


— ICE COASTERS SET (7) – 15€

— FOUNDERS SUPPORT PLEDGE (a $17 USD discount on the upcoming campaign) – 15€

— ICE COMPANION SET (2 booster card packs + 1 Edifice tile) – 25€

— ICE ARTBOOK (Hardcover + Digital) – 35€

— ORIGINAL BACKERS HERO PLEDGE (🇺🇸 or 🇫🇷, see details below) – 75€ 

— ICE (Core box, EN 🇺🇸) + ICE COMPANION SET – 115€

— ICE (Core box, FR 🇫🇷) + ICE COMPANION SET – 115€

— ICE (Collector box, EN 🇺🇸) + ICE COMPANION SET – 150€

— ICE (Collector box, FR 🇫🇷) + ICE COMPANION SET – 150€

— NEWCOMERS HERO PLEDGE (🇺🇸 only, see details below) – 195€

(And yes, since many of you asked: There will be a way to contribute to a “tip jar” if you’d like to help either without getting any items, or in addition to getting some rewards. As long as you back for at least 1€, the “tip jar” will be available during the pledge manager phase. Thanks so much in advance for any who go above and beyond this way! 🙏🏻)

While the ICE pledges are all bundled with the Companion Set, you may notice the price of the ICE games themselves has increased since the first Kickstarter campaign. The reason was addressed in the FAQ section of this campaign, but we’ll repeat it here for those that may have missed: Due to rising material costs since the pandemic, the complexity of producing such a unique magnetic 5-layer board, and other factors over the last couple of years, the original version of ICE proved to be way too costly for us to continue producing as designed. This meant we didn’t produce more for retail stores, and so there are only these extra limited copies left that we have to now price at the more realistic cost of what it should have been. This was always our intention even when we originally planned to sell these at conventions (the price increase decision was made over a year ago). Yes, our original KS backers got an amazing deal! But we simply can’t sustain that pricing for this campaign, or for the future. 


We are adding one more card to both of the booster card packs…. just because!! 

Now each booster will contain a new Logbook (event) card, that pertains to the contents of each booster set of cards, making for even more gameplay opportunities! You’re welcome! 😎


Just a quick note about this pledge (and add-on item). If you choose it as one of the elected items in a Hero pledge, or get it as a separate pledge or add-on for 15€, we will automatically apply a $17USD discount to your FOUNDERS pledge in that campaign’s pledge manager, if you decide to back that game. (Because we are switching from €euro to $dollar currency for the next campaign, we accounted for the exchange rate and rounded up in your favor). 

Ideally we would have had a LOT more info about the game available by now, but the necessity of doing this support campaign derailed our planning, as this became the focus of the last month. 

This of course means pushing that campaign back, and it is now launching on September 5th (mark your calendars)!

We realize that the lack of info (full components list, final gameplay, prices) might make the choice of offering this Support Pledge a bit odd, and we totally understand that. 

We also know that there’s quite a few of you who will want to back FOUNDERS no matter what! (Maybe the little bit of gameplay we mention has been enough to intrigue you, or you’ve played it already at a convention and loved it, or you’ll get anything legacy-related, or you’re simply in love with the art of Léonard Dupond!). This pledge is definitely for those of you! 

But we know there’s a lot of you who will absolutely need to know more about the game before supporting it, and that’s fine! We should have ALL the info you’ll need about FOUNDERS a good month before launch, which will be long before the closing of this campaign’s pledge manager. 

So IF you choose the FOUNDERS support item (whether as one of the elected items in a Hero pledge, or as an add-on), and you later decide the game’s not for you (though we really think it will be), you have a choice: If it was one of the Hero-elected items, you’ll be able to simply change to a different item. If you got it separately as an add-on, we can offer a full refund for a limited time before the FOUNDERS campaign ends, or a refund (minus Kickstarter fees) after it ends.


Just so you know, we are still racing to get all the elements together for the campaign page. It’s still missing some stuff (like a graphic for the Collector deluxe components, gameplay, etc), most of which will come tomorrow as we wait for our graphic artist to be available again. 

A Shipping table too — we know how important this information is for you all, but we still need to get some final last-minute details from our Logistics Manager before we can have that ready (and as you know, it’s VERY important for us to get this part right 😅). So we thank you for your patience, and we promise to have it up before launch. (And apologies in advance if it’s very last-minute!).


As we mentioned in the last Update, we’re fully aware that not every new backer who wants one of the limited copies of ICE will be able to get one — and we’re sorry in advance if it ends up being you!

But ICE is returning in Q2 2024 on Gamefound with all the same gameplay, so you will have another chance! Check out our Campaign Schedule for the next two years, which shows just the beginning of the long future of games that This Way has planned. 

Thanks again, and see you all in 48 hours!!

— Team This Way!